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reflections on the Dewey Beach Music Conference part 3

“Intellectual Property Rights & Publishing & how they relate to the current musician & musical environment”

Saturday, September 22, 11:30am

Deborah Mannis-Gardner
Paula Savastano
Matt Zdancewicz
Neeta Ragoowansi

In this four-part series of updates, I will summarize some of the things that I learned while attending the Dewey Beach Music Conference. This is mostly so that I don’t forget some pretty obvious yet important ideas regarding recording, the music industry, and technology. Yay.

We had a mentoring session with Dr. Louis Delise in the middle of this session, so I only caught parts of it. The talk just elaborated on what I already knew regarding metadeta: 1) It’s vital and 2) There is no true standard for it yet.

Metadata should be added to your album by a good mastering engineer or by your digital distributor. Services such as Gracenote, CD Baby, or Tunecore.

Neeta Ragoowansi said to use her company, Tunesat, to get paid when people use your music in TV or on the web.

Read Digital Music News, Music Ally, Music Thinktank, and Hypebot to stay up-to-date with the industry.


And that’s about it ^_^

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