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reflections on the Dewey Beach Music Conference part 2

“Digital Strategy, Marketing and Management for the Serious Artist”

Friday, September 21, 3:30pm

Alexia Erlichman – New York
Michael Fiebach – Philadelphia, PA
Rick Goetz
Duncan Hutchinson
Neeta Ragoowansi

In this four-part series of updates, I will summarize some of the things that I learned while attending the Dewey Beach Music Conference. This is mostly so that I don’t forget some pretty obvious yet important ideas regarding recording, the music industry, and technology. Yay.

I did not expect to learn much from this talk, since it seemed to be targeted towards marketing-type people. It was insightful and offered a few things that I didn’t already know though.

Question regarding how to further monetize or promote singer-songwriter style songs:

Publish your sheet music and ask others to cover your songs. Spread the word about yourself.

How do you stay current with the industry and with all this new social media?

Read Hypebot, Digital Muse, and Music Ally.

Blogs to check out: Fist In the Air and Pump the Beat.

Create noise around a song, have compelling content on your site and videos.

Should we try to be featured on podcasts?

“Do people still do podcasts?” (I found that response annoying)

Anything that you can get your content on that has a huge following is helpful to your career.

How do you feel about services like Taxi, where you have to pay to be considered?

Alexia Erlichman: My service, Music Gorilla, charges a membership fee for her services, but the artists that submit actually get heard by music supervisors and there is no fee for each submission. She feels that this is a more artist-friendly and fair business model.

How do you make money on YouTube?

AdSense. Tagging and title names are crucial. Anyone can join the partner program. Have great content.

Advertising on Facebook?

Start with a small test budget to test your demographics and to get a sense of your market.

Managing mailing list and physical sales?

Topspin was mentioned.

Rant about hating ReverbNation because labels are not getting paid…

A ReverbNation rep was present and had quick, concise, and intelligent solutions to all of the problems presented. He also mentioned that ReverbNation had a new service that you can pay for to distribute ads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MTV, etc.


The panel concluded with the speakers emphasizing that tags and keywords and getting people to hear you with similar artists is possible with services such as Pandora stations.

One last word of advice was that ads get more clicks when they include photos of the band where members have their mouths open.

This was a random assortment of small useful tools, nothing specifically was life-changing or awesome.

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