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honey badgerin' | Battleshy Youths
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honey badgerin’

I have been horrible at updating lately. Life has been busy, which is no excuse. Erin competed in the Miss Delaware pageant and was amazing and I am very proud of her awesomeness. I golfed for their fundraiser tournament with her father and my father and our epic friend Charles. We won the high score award.

Friday night we went to our friends Rob and Yael’s wedding. We met Rob’s cousin, Alison Haislip, who happens to be famous. A lot of Twitter and Internet stalking led up to this. She was very nice and had never been to Delaware before other than to just drive through it on Interstate-95. Anyway, here is some proof:

"And it was glorious!" hashtag famous people tweet at us

Saturday we played an afternoon show at Bellevue State Park for a Habitat for Humanity run/walk/bike afterparty. There was free beer and free pizza and free water ice, which was nice. They said that everyone was leaving so they were just going to cut out our set at the end of the shindig. That’s nice of them to just cancel on volunteers last minute like that. Luckily I asked if we could just play 15 or 20 minutes since we were already there. We played a half hour set though through a better-than-we-expected sound system and lots of people seemed to enjoy it, or at least took our business cards.

Then we made eleven bananas into two monstrous loaves of banana bread and drove down to Dover, Delaware for the Delaware Friends of Folk “Delmarva Folk Hero Contest” coffee house preliminaries. Our set went well and we had lots of friends come out for it:

Honey Badger Fan Club!

The crowd voted us and our friend Jessica Graae to proceed on to the next round. That means that we get to perform at the Delmarva Folk Festival again this October ^_^ Here we are:

The Honey Badgers performing at Wesley College Chapel

Thanks to Jan Crumpley for the photo!

That show was really special for us since it was the one year anniversary of our first ever Honey Badger show, which was the folk hero contest last summer. Exciting.

Sunday we got to hang out at my Uncle Bob’s mini-farm for a bit and then went to the beach and saw friends and saw Jefe performing at Northbeach. Lots of fun.

Rehearsal tonight!

Shows this week!
Tuesday 6/26 lunchtime show at a friend’s daycare ^_^
Wednesday 6/27 at Yogo Sano’s first ever open mic in Wayne, PA with Harmony Mooney performing her harp
Thursday 6/28 at Kelly’s Logan House, 9pm for Musikarmageddon 2012! We need your votes please! (bring friends!) Shane Palko will be joining us on drums and Em McKeever will be bassin’ it up so that we can compete as more of a “full band” sound for Musikarmageddon shows yay
Friday (possibly?) 6/29 at The Wedge in Landenberg, PA with Shane and Em performing their stuff ^_^
Saturday 6/30 – No shows!! We’ll be visiting the Wilmington Pirate Festival and then head to 1984 (a new barcade in Wilmytown) for Atlas‘s last ever show!

Here is an exciting video that we created with Emkeev:

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