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help my boss climb mount kilimanjaro

My boss has two boys that have a rare genetic disorder called Sanfilippo syndrome. Children with Sanfilippo syndrome are missing or are deficient in the enzyme to break down Mucopolysaccharides molecules. Instead, the body stores these molecules in the cells. This storage causes progressive damage. It is a very rare disease, so research efforts need lots of funding.

This summer, my boss will climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and funding for Team Sanfilippo. He’ll be accompanied by Nick from WMMR as well as some of his other friends.

You can learn more about the trip as well as donate to the cause on their trip website. You can also learn more about the Team Sanfilippo Foundation here or support them on Twitter and Facebook.

Listen to Carl on the air on WMMR with Preston and Steve this morning:

Carl Kapes on WMMR with Preston and Steve for the Team Sanfilippo Foundation

Team Sanfilippo Logo

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