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a very boring story | Battleshy Youths
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a very boring story

This will be a very boring story, one not really worth reading. I just need to clear my mind though.

I was preparing to mow the lawn the other day, so I had headphones in. Sidenote: never believe anyone who says electric lawn mowers are usable or useful or efficient. They’re lying. Anyway, a grandmother-type lady tapped me on the shoulder and introduced herself as Mrs. Baggott from across the street. She asked if I could help move some furniture. I don’t say no to many things, so I went over. She looked at my armband iPod strap and looked very concerned and said, “If you’re okay that is. Did you just get out of the hospital?”

That was a confusing question but then I realized that people from her generation don’t know what iPods do, or she just didn’t realize that there was a miniature record player attached to my arm. Anyway. I moved the furniture out of the minivan and into the house with her hired help Sal. She gave me $10 and told me to buy myself a cheeseburger. I thanked her and then continued with my lawn duties.

Now, I’m opposed to owning things, but my grandparents are very similar to Mrs. Baggott. They collect things that might some day be useful. When I was inside the house moving spare furniture into a room full of spare furniture, I thought about how these chairs and desks and dressers will probably never be used. They’ll just collect dust. But they might some day be useful, therefore they have value to these people. Supposedly. I also creepily saw that the Baggotts had a few Baggott family history books sitting out. I guess when you’re retired you have time to find out about your ancestors’ history and stuff. I prefer learning about history while it’s happening. That’s all.

Regarding the stuff though – I’ve been moving out my stuff all week and realized how much junk I have that might some day have value. I fit everything that I need and use into two carloads, but then I had five or six more loads of stuff that is just stuff. It’s junk that I’ve kept or collected or used once or might some day have value. I’d like to only have what I need. It’s also nice though to already have a certain tool or item just in case so that when I need it I can just pull it out. Meh. Junk. Nom.

Last Monday, Kevin and I got our traditional post-finals lunch (even though I had no finals) at Suki Hana at the Christiana Mall. It was wonderful as always. It’s always nice to actually take time to have a conversation. And eat amazing food. Nom.

Kevin at Suki Hana!

One thought on “a very boring story”

  1. This was only a little bit boring. Not very very boring.

    I think those family history books will definitely come in handy one day, for those of the Baggott family who may want to know more about their Baggott roots.

    I just keep thinking about Bilbo Baggins.

    But that’s just me.

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