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[FAWM-Blog 2012] Day 29 – FAWM is over! | Battleshy Youths
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[FAWM-Blog 2012] Day 29 – FAWM is over!

I honestly don’t remember much of yesterday. I wrote Morning Song and then worked all day. My back was in a lot of pain so I didn’t actually think I was going to make it to the end of the day. Anyway, I survived and got home and ate and then realized that I still needed to write three more songs and it was already eight o’clock somehow, so I got to it.

The first one I just needed to put music to. My friend Rob had written some epic lyrics about a grilled cheese sandwich, but when I asked him what kind of music he wanted for it, he just said that I should maybe sing it like Barry White….I wanted to play harmonica this FAWM though, so I turned it into a blues song:

The Grilled Cheese Blues

Next, I have been getting emails from Write Christian Songs dot com, so I decided to finally do one of their challenges. I have been leading worship for a few years but have never actually finished any sort of “worship” song before. I think that this is because, for me at least, it is a hard thing to do. Writing about faith seems very personal, but the trend of the “Christian Music Industry” in general appears to be writing songs with a very corporate, broad, and for me, non-relatable tone. There isn’t anything wrong with corporate (a body of believers) worship; it’s written about often in the bible in fact. It’s just weird to write something thinking about how other people will feel when you lead them in it. Anyway. I’m not very happy with how the song turned out, but it’s FAWM, so it’s over with >.< Note: "Praise" is what I had scribbled down for the chorus, but I think my "ra" looked like an "m" when my late-night brain read it while recording the demo, so I accidentally sang "promise." If Morning Never Comes

My 14th song was some little ridiculous improv’d acapella song about how no matter where I live, my landloards are always knockin’ down my bedroom door for some reason or another. I forget what it’s called and I’m sort of embarrassed about it, so I won’t post a link here ^_^

I also scribbled down a 15th and 16th song before I passed out, hopefully I’ll get to record those tonight.

FAWM is over! March is here! What will I do with all of this free time?? Maybe I’ll turn 23 and head to Boston for a week at the end of the month 🙂

4 thoughts on “[FAWM-Blog 2012] Day 29 – FAWM is over!”

  1. If you’ve never gone around that time, definitely go. I don’t drink and I’m not big on bar scenes, but there are lots of great events and historical places to check out. We’re huge Dropkick Murphys fans so we go up, go to a concert, go to McGreevy’s Pub, then check out the parade, hang out in the city, and visit some family. It’s a nice vacay 🙂 This year we’re going to check out Salem and join in some Irish jam sessions.

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