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[FAWM-Blog 2012] Day 15 but really 11 – collab with Emkeev

Em and I wrote this epic tale Saturday afternoon and then we were going to record it but The Honey Badgers had to go play a show so we recorded it Sunday ^_^ Em is on her Appalachian Dulcimer and I’m on banjo. Oh, apparently I play banjo now. Yay ^_^

Official February Album Writing Month song #2, written 2/11/12. Let us know what you think (:

© Em McKeever & Michael Natrin 2/11/12

Riding through the darkened woods
upon a noble quest
Prepared to fight, to risk my life
For the damsel in distress
Approached the tower with all my might
Met my opposition, he put up a fight
that mutant iguana had met his match
Saved the maid without a scratch

And that’s when my troubles began

My hero, my champion, my life’s in your debt
I can’t leave behind my matching luggage set
I’ll need to be carried, my feet are too dainty, and you are so strong, after all
Please excuse me while I make this call

My patience had retreated, I was not prepared
Carrying all her baggage down the twisty tower stairs
I read Damsels for Dummies, there was no chapter on this
Dealing with the conceited whims and a heart so uninspired

Unlike the heart of Phil of Landenshire!

The saddle’s too small, you should follow on foot
I feel I must mention, this rescue’s no good
A steed isn’t proper with mane so unkempt and a coat so not very white
Probably last year’s model – I know I’m right.

I read the handbook cover to cover,
But alas, my dear, I did not discover
There should be some gratitude
But frankly ma’am, I think you’re rude


Left her in a cattle barn, safe and sound
She’s still running her mouth there waiting to be found

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