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where you are | Battleshy Youths
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where you are

Procrastination generally leads to me thinking and stressing and being depressed. There is only so much Mountain Dew in my fridge and only so many vinyl records to spin before I can start the three assignments due tomorrow. The hard part is that two of those classes already had assignments due this week >.< Anyway. I’ve been overwhelmingly encouraged by a sense of community lately. I was worried at the start of the semester that having no formal role in InterVarsity would leave me with nothing to do. I’ve been at meetings and rehearsals and dinners and performances most nights though. It’s so nice to still meet new people and to strengthen existing friendships. It’s also nice to live in a house again where random people are in and out all the time, and to be able to host people here. Life is good.

Now, back to the thinkin’ part of my procrastination. I’ve been debating lately what factors influence humans and define who they are. It isn’t very often noted by my peers that the world has a history, and that past peoples have at some point in time already thought or said or done or sung the things that we are now thinking and saying and doing and singing. There is nothing new under the sun. Except for people.

People are unique. I used to consider who someone was as being the things that they do and that they have done. In looking towards the future though, this poses a problem because you have to make plans with people. You have to commit to starting venues and to signing your band and to getting a mortgage and to giving someone a (very very expensive) ring. These are all things to be done in the future, but still describe who people are now. Where people are going and what they are hoping to do is all part of who they are. These are very exciting things that determine how people act as well as how you interact with them.

You must learn someone’s entire story – past, present, and future – to truly know them. We are all human and desire to be known. Knowing one person can get you through anything. So..this is just a challenge to y’all and a reminder to myself. Put down your cell phone and forget your catty cliques and find out who the people around you and in your life really are.

I wanna thrive, not just survive

Thrive, from Switchfoot‘s new “Vice Verses” (out 9/27!)

new runnin' shoes - Vibram 5 Fingers!
Kelsey womanning the grill ^_^
Erin and CBenz <3
Handprinted Battleshy Shirts!
(mostly) Smyrna friends ^_^
mountain dew stash and entenmann's sale yay
Creepy Krista takin' pics with my stolen phone ^_^
new business cards!


One thought on “where you are”

  1. I concur. Lately I’ve been getting overrun by just sheer LIFE from various communities I belong to… the community of musicians we belong to being one of the foremost. There’s growth in a broadening sense and in a deepening sense. Love it.

    Well, I don’t concur with engagement rings though. Makes no sense.


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