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interregnum and ice cream | Battleshy Youths
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interregnum and ice cream

There is this word-of-the-day-type thing that gets sent to my cell phone each day. Most of the time the words are very large and don’t mean anything particularly useful or usable to me, so I erase them immediately. The one I received yesterday made me stop and think though:

interregnum: n. the interval between two reigns

As far as life goes, I am currently feeling extremely burnt out. That is why this word seemed to mean something more to me. I know that I am between “things,” but I do not know what exactly those things are yet. I wish school would be over and that I did not have to stay an extra (bonus) semester and that things were just…different. But this is how they are. I made the choices that led me here. I need to trust that I will be led into the next “reign” in my life and not worry about it. I just need to make it through each day.

I have been working through World Vision Act:s’ Lent study and they focus a lot on how blessed we are, with the whole living -in-America thing. A lot of the world lives in poverty. There are a lot of slaves. Human slaves. In 2011. This fact should break the hearts of people in our country, but it gets ignored.

A lot of the world doesn’t wake up and drink a 2-litre of mountain dew and eat a box of Tastykake mini donuts for breakfast (actually, I might be the only one in the world who does that).


Anyway, I think I am just saying that I have a lot. Even when I think I don’t. And even when I’m struggling to get through each month because I’m stranded in an apartment that I didn’t ever plan to be in (that I was blessed to even get).

It comes down to these choices that I make. “You are the only one who is looking out for you” – I have been told that this is reality, but it is incredibly depressing to think about life that way. Moving onward towards whatever this next phase of my life might be, I know that I have forgiveness for my previous strife – Matthew 6:14-15. I am a work in progress.

Pictures! These are from winter session and I never posted them anywhere yay:

winter session #1
KJ, Karen, and Cara yay
winter session #2
Bekcy and Jessie!


Also, I turn 22 this week. That will be weird.

Also also, I have watched four-and-a-half seasons of Dr. Who since January. It is amazing. Excited for the new season soon yay ^.^

3 thoughts on “interregnum and ice cream”

  1. “‘You are the only one who is looking out for you’ – I have been told that this is reality, but it is incredibly depressing to think about life that way.”

    I lived that way for a long time. It is incredibly depressing. I am glad to have found a certain Savior who helped me to start accepting the help that had always been poured on me and denied, as it had been perceived as a threat ’till then.

    Instability is unsettling and uncomfortable, but it can make for a really delicious and enriching time of life. Stability is the real hazard. Enjoy your interregnum!

  2. Words are fascinating little magnifying glasses that help us define what we already feel. Your interregnum is good; 22 is good; I know this for you. But, also? Growth hurts. I know this for me. But it’s better to grow than not. I have heard that those ladies in Asian countries who bind their feet can barely walk eventually because of it. I don’t ever wanna have a life that was bound at some point because I thought I had reached “IT” and so froze time there and then end up barely able to walk anywhere. I’d rather grow. Growing is good. You’re good, too:)

  3. A few things. 1. If you didn’t have a job, I feel like maybe you should do Gateway.
    2. Matthew 6:34 ftw.
    3. I remember that picture!
    4. Interregnum is not fun. It’s terrifying and discouraging and depressing and lonely. But in the long run, it’s good for our lives and depending on how we respond, our relationship with God deepens amazingly. I know for me I became super depressed because of it and one of the best things that has helped me has been finding older girls who have just gotten through their own interregnum to help guide, mentor and encourage me. I suggest finding a guy like that (idk if you have one already) to do that for you. And have him know that’s what you want him to do for you.
    5. God’s got your back, you’re not alone in caring for yourself. And you have lots of friends willing to help you too. But God is the most important. He showed me how much He’s looking out for me this week with jobs and family, I’m sure He’ll show you how much you’re not alone in caring for yourself too.

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