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[FAWM-Blog] Day 01

Lunch break!

Balancing an 8-hour work day with sleep, nutrition, and life is hard enough.

This marks the start of a crazy month. Song #1 and maybe #2 tonight?

Played the open mic at Mojo Main with Em again last night. Good times (: Got to play some of my older stuff. An Asian couple walked in during my last song and I was soooo distracted. They were cute and I was jealous.

I can’t wait to pick up a guitar when I get home and write tonight. Also, we are having our final Battleshy Youths mixing session so that is exciting ^_^


Physics 208Randomly selected from my email. Physics 208 ancient lab equipment yay

One thought on “[FAWM-Blog] Day 01”

  1. I remember that equipment!!! and my Asian TA. I also remember thinking I was going to die if I touched the wires. And you brought a sword to class on Halloween when Joe Biden was here and you were the muffin man!

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