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mojo on main

em mckeever

It is so incredibly relaxing to not be in school for a few weeks. Played at the Mojo on Main open mic night tonight with some friends. Here is Em, being awesome. Got home and stayed awake for 4 more hours than normal to see the creepiest lunar eclipse I have ever observed (this was my third). It was like the moon was on fire. Yay for fun nights.

2 thoughts on “mojo on main”

  1. YAY Em!!!! She’s awesome!
    I’ve heard rumors that Mojo serves hush puppies at dinner but not during bar times. If they do that makes them awesome too.

  2. Okay so I only check your blog about twice a month. ‘parently, I need to check more often when you’re POSTING PHOTOS OF ME PLAYING.


    Hey, thanks for the shoutout… it was really fun having a group at Mojo. Thanks for coming along — you did really well, I enjoyed “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” (did I already tell you that?). I plan on doing that more once I return from NC.

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