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"hear no evil" | Battleshy Youths
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“hear no evil”

"Hear No Evil"Confession: I haven’t read an entire book in over 6 years.  I’ve had this book, Hear No Evil: My Story of Innocence, Music, and the Holy Ghost on my Amazon wishlist (feel free to buy me stuffs) since its pre-release was announced. I heard some hype about it somewhere and follow the author, Matthew Paul Turner, on twitter. He is hip and edgy and says stuff I enjoy so I guess he must be cool. Anyway, I had to buy my girlfriend a second replacement laptop charger in a month… Since she can’t use Amazon herself, I offered to buy it and I added this book onto my order (yay consumerism!). They both arrived one business day later – Amazon prime ftw.

In general, the reason I don’t read is because I get bored and fall asleep. This is unfortunate, because my homework normally ends up with drool on it. I stayed awake throughout this entire story though. I think that is why – it was a story, and it was very interesting. A “page turner” if you will. It is also the fastest book I have ever read – probably only took me 6 hours or so, and I’m a slow reader.

Turner’s life is something I can really relate to. Being raised in a Christian household with rules that don’t make sense; going out into the real world and realizing how different (weird) you are. One of my favorite lines was, “for a lot of christians, their imaginations are liabilities, like the five senses and genitals.” It was also pretty cool that he grew up close to my hometown – he talks about Kent County, MD and crabs and Delaware and places I’ve been to. I associate my current experiences with things that Turner describes happened to him, so I guess it’s good to sort of have as a warning manual. It’s also encouraging. The book was hilarious and honest and relevant. I highly recommend you buy it. Or borrow my copy. Yay.

On a side note: communications have come a long way in 20 years. The things they used to do to send data were simple (AM & FM), and now they are incredibly more complex. Studying for my ELEG403: Communication Systems Engineering final yay.

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