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define home

After much thought and consideration on how to define the word (this post has been a draft for at least a month), I have come to a conclusion – Home is wherever you do your laundry. Home is wherever you cook dinner. Home is wherever you and your friends end up for the night. Home is love and peacefulness and comfort. Home is a mindset, and it is wherever you happen to make it be. I am home.

p.s. - This is Pablo. I met him in the 7-11 parking lot. He was pretty nice to me.

One thought on “define home”

  1. thanks for the comment, mike 🙂 for the record, i agree that home is wherever you make it to be. college is such a transient time in life that — you really do start to realize that home is not necessarily a fixed place…

    keep writing! yay for blogging.

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