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"I would never force beards on my children" | Battleshy Youths

“I would never force beards on my children”

My roommates say the most ridiculous things sometimes. Yesterday we moved out. It was a sad end to an amazing year. I got to know them so well and loved living there.

It was quite a journey moving into my new apartment though, even though it is just upstairs from my previous one. The previous tenants didn’t move out until this morning, but I had to be out of my old room and into my new one before I could sleep because I had work this morning at 7am. So.. I was moving boxes of stuff until 2am. My room is so chaotic right now so I left and came to a stereotypical coffee shop to read and write and meet cute girls. And awkwardly talk to my oral surgeon or past professors if they come and talk to me. Anyway. Moving is not fun, and coffee is good. Even though I have to drink it frozen because of my mouth surgery.

I was paid to paint my girlfriend’s roommate’s old room. It was a long and tedious job because their paint had congealed into what felt like glue. It was hard to spread and use and I didn’t want to go waste the money she paid me on a new bucket of paint.

Anyway, I spent most of the time in a dark room with one light bulb, shirtless and alone. My father used to be a professional painter, and I was trying to remember and head his advice. He always told me the three L’s of painting: long strokes, light strokes, and ——. I couldn’t remember the last one. The best I came up with was left-handed strokes. I guess I should call and find out. I love painting though. Luckily I didn’t have to paint my old apartment at all. I just used some stain-removing spray primer on the quote wall and then my landlord (hah) painted.

My new room has lots of potential. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight while it’s raining and a cooler temperature and then paint, build shelving, paint, move things, find a desk and a bed frame, and then eventually be comfortable by the end of the summer. Sleeping with my mattress on the floor next to the ac unit and a few thousand dollars of music equipment is good enough for now 🙂

PS – the previous tenant of my apartment kept a cat. I am severely allergic to cats. Especially their throwup and hair ground into my carpet. Bleah. Eghh.

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