My name is Michael Natrin. This is where I currently blog. Battleshy Youths used to be my band, but all the other members moved away and left me. I started a new americana/folk duo called The Honey Badgers with a cute girl (Erin) who plays violin. Then I married her. Sometimes I still write here about life, travel, homebrewing, songwriting, food/cooking, photography, pets, and music.

Here are some links if you want to know what I’m reading or instagramming or tweeting or drinking or what gear I’ve been using lately. I also have a separate Instagram account for beer related posts, and you can read beer and brewing related blog posts here.

Some things that I am proud Battleshy Youths, The Honey Badgers, & I accomplished between 2010 and 2012 when we were performing regularly:
– Released “Grow” on Bandcamp, iTunes, & everywhere else on the internet.
– 21st Annual Delmarva Folk Festival – The Honey Badgers were voted Winners of the folk hero contest! (10/5/12)
– University of Delaware Battle of the Bands 2012 – The Honey Badgers were voted Winners (3/14/12)
– WSTW Homey Awards – The Honey Badgers along with Em McKeever, The Paper Janes, & friends won a Homey Award for Best Collaboration of 2011 for “A Diner Club Christmas” (2/12/12)
– “Delaware’s Got Talent” – Michael won SCPAB’s “Delaware’s Got Talent” competition solo (11/1/11)